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Artist Statement


Exploring the Boundless Realm of Abstract Expression


As an abstract painter, I find immense joy and fulfillment in the act of creating something tangible with my own hands. Creativity has been a big part of my life since childhood and it has become an inseparable part of who I am.

Through my artistic journey, I have discovered a deep love for abstraction. Over a decade ago, I embarked on my first steps in painting, and since the summer of 2022, I have rediscovered my passion and become consumed by it once more. The brush has become an extension of myself, I am always on the lookout for the perfect imperfect shape and the next color combination.

I am constantly pushing the boundaries of my own abilities and seeking new ways to manipulate colors, textures, and tools. Each artwork becomes an opportunity to explore different techniques and materials, giving rise to unexpected outcomes and discoveries. This process allows me to continuously evolve and refine my style, knowing that each exploration brings me closer to a deeper understanding of myself as an artist and the abstract art itself.

Inspiration surrounds me in every aspect of life. From the simplest everyday objects to the immensity of nature, everything I see has the potential to inspire me. Bringing that inspiration to the canvas, I often work on large scale, it enables me to fully immerse myself in the artistic process, providing a vast playground for my imagination and allowing me to create chaos with the brush. The fact that there is just no artwork like the other fascinates me.

When I paint, I am completely in my own world, there is just me and the canvas. However, when a painting reaches its completion, my hope is to inspire viewers to embrace their own unique creative journeys in the world of abstract art.

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