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Sandra Brönnimann, born 1988 in Switzerland, is a Swiss artist whose creative spirit has been a lifelong companion since her childhood. From a young age, she followed her instincts and pursued an apprenticeship as a photo finisher, developing a keen eye for composition.


Later on, driven by a thirst for exploration, Sandra started traveling at 18, exploring countries such as Australia, South and Central America. These experiences exposed her to diverse landscapes, vibrant cultures, and inspiring artistic traditions.


At the age of 22, she first discovered her love for painting, experimenting with various styles and techniques. However, her artistic focus shifted towards photography, and she became a freelance photographer for many years.


Over a decade later, at the age of 34, Sandra's passion for painting resurfaced. Since then, she can't put the brush away. Working primarily with acrylics on large canvases, she revels in the expressive potential of bold brushstrokes and vibrant colors.


Her autodidactic approach to both painting and photography has allowed her to develop an artistic style, untethered by formal conventions, and guided solely by her intuition and artistic instincts.

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